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Hospitals or Companies that do SCTU Ground Transport with RNs



I am looking for names of Hospitals and/or Private companies that employ RNs to do SCTU or ground Critical Care Transport.

If anyone works for such facility please post the name and post important requirements.

I am a Critical Care Paramedic (with all the alphabet soup) 7 years critical care transport experience, as well as RN CEN, CTRN, CFRN (still have 2 semesters until BSN). I am looking for places that would like someone without any nursing experience to do ground critical care transport.

Thanks you


There are several companies and facilities that provide SCTU transport. I currently work at Pulse Medical Transportation - in Woodland Park. They are hiring at this time. I have been there for 11 years (time flies when you're having fun huh?).

There are other companies and hospital based programs. In Northern NJ, Atlantic Health, St Barnabas, St Clares, and Trinitas all have SCTU programs. Private companies include Pulse and OnTime. There are a few more, but I cannot recall their names. The state used to have a list, but they seem to be updating their website and it is no longer available. Do a web search use SCTU as a key word. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

Good Luck!

MegWRN thanks for the reply. I will certainly look those places up.

What is your current crew make up? RN/Medic, RN/EMT? In addition what type of calls do you do? Scene 911 response, critical care transport (if CCT what type of CCT? IABP, Vents, ECMO?) I guess what makes up the bulk of your call volume?