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Hello to my fellow nursing friends! My name is Amber and I am new to this website. Here's a question I would like to ask....

In nursing school, they kind of "train" you to think you need to be in hospital nursing for the rest of your life, or you aren't a good nurse. I have a problem with that, because I do not enjoy hospital nursing! Don't get me wrong, I love being a nurse, I LOVE helping people, and I love the days that I have patients that tell me I made their day better just by being there. However, it's not something I want to do for my entire life.

I received my associate's degree in nursing, so I am a registered nurse at this point, striving towards my bachelor's degree. Only 1.5 semesters left! However I am at a loss of what to do after I graduate. I know I need experience in the hospital an dI will get that, but after that what else is out there????? I am VERY interested in complimentary/alternative therapies, but they don't teach you that in school so I don't even know where to learn about that stuff.

I was just curious if anyone thinks I'm the weirdest person ever for not wanting to be a hospital nurse, and what else is out there for me to look into? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions/answers to these questions!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!:rolleyes:


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just hang in there amber! you'll find what you want! just go searching for something you love to do. sounds like you already have an idea! just go for it!!

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