Hospital food service workers

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Are your food service workers wearing gloves to prepare or serve food?

If so - what is the basis for that practice.

I believe that good hand washing and general good health is all that is necessary.


I agree. Did people know that on his death bed, Pastuer said he may have been wrong that it was not the bugs but the landscape. this means that we could fight the bugs if we had the healthy bodies to begin with. THe qoute is not word for word but it meant that. I have found that by taking excellant natural supplement I have increased my immune system and do not pick up things now.


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Maybe you believe washing your hands is a good idea but BASED ON RESEARCH most people don't. I had a very clean cook contract hep a and if he was wearing gloves I probalbly could have stopped the public health panic attack people had.

panic - yes

what about actual cases of transmission? did you have that as well??

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