What do I do?

  1. I am a relatively new RN - graduated 05-05-05 went to Med Surg for about a year and a half. Started in hospice mid November. I LOVE HOSPICE!!!
    The problem is that I was out sick starting on 1/15.
    On 1/12 I received verbal order for assess / admit if appropriate. Wrote order placed on admissions desk. On 1/15 when I brought my field files in the office my clinical director said we didn't need the order and started to tear it up. When I returned to work the pt had not been admitted - CD did destroy the order!! The admission visit was eventually scheduled for 1/26 after I spoke with the owner (small company).
    Then I find out on 1/24 that a couple who I fill pill boxes for didn't have their boxes filled since 1/10. They are both on thyroxine and one on K and Toprol. I arranged to get the meds to them ASAP, contacted MD, wrote orders for K and TSH draws and documented. On 1/26 I was fired. "It's not a good fit" Seems like since I KNOW that previous orders have been destroyed I feel really obligated to report to somebody.... WHO??!!! (owner is out of town until Wednesday)
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  3. by   dawn1rhino
    Should I contact the Board of Nurses?
    I don't know if they fall under JACHO but I do know that they sent me out with Medicare for a unannounced visit and then the company was denied accreditidation r/t documentation (not r/t my visit). How do I find the number to report to Medicare? I need professional advise but don't understand where to go to get it. They destroyed legal documentation for crimanies sake!!! I was hired out of an office that they are not allowed to keep 9/10 charts in that office because of failure to be accredited. I need to take appropriate action to protect my license but I don't know what the appropriate action is.....Any advise????
  4. by   jessica
    I would contact the Office of the Attorney General for your state and submit a complaint so that they can investigate.

    On an aside, perhaps a different hospice agency would be a "better fit" for you. Good Luck
  5. by   doodlemom
    I agree with Jessica - it sounds like this is a bad outfit. Hopefully there is another hospice in your area.