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When an on call nurse goes to a home, is it essential that she get all the vital signs each visit, even if they do not apply to the present situation? Is this something that varies state to state?... Read More

  1. by   doodlemom
    I've only had one family member ask me if I was going to check vitals (when I had not.)
  2. by   EmptytheBoat
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    We always take a full set of vitals on each visit and do so because we feel it is necessary to a full nursing assessment. I personally feel I can advise the family more accurately as to how much "time" they have and etc because for me, they give the nurse the whole perspective along with other indicative factors. We all know the signs of approaching death, and an actively dying patient, this is not the place to spell those out. But you know, they can have a lot of those signs with good Vitals. When the vitals change, you can advise the family (always with the disclaimer that a higher power is always in charge) what time is left. It's just always been a good tool for us. And I haven't had a family yet that didn't want to KNOW what they were. Do your families ever ask?
    Yes, I have many families that ask about vitals if I do not tell them first. This
    is a good discussion here, seems to be split 50/50, it's always helpful to know how others handle their roles.
    I would just like to add a little more to the discussion: I don't get fixated on the vitals, and I try not to ever use vitals in a negative way when dealing with families. I use vitals as a diagnostic tool and as a psyhcological tool
    to help family members cope. If I perceive that taking vitals would be more of
    a stressor than a coping mechanism, I will defer. I handle each patient and
    each family member/caregiver different, and pray to God to give me the wisdom to make the right decisions.