Ready for Hospice as a career?

  1. I've been in Radiation Oncology Nursing for about 13 years and are now thinking of working in Homecare-Hospice. Early on in my career I thought I'd really enjoy hospice, but knew I'd need experience in med-surg. I love oncology patients.

    I'm wondering what home hospice nursing is like. What does a typical day mean? If you'd share any plus's or minus's that would be a big help.

    Have a great day........
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    I'm referring you to this thread.
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    Tried to copy and paste a reply I made from the thread aimee referred you to, but I am having trouble. After I wrote it, I went back to read it and couldn't believe the emotional stuff that had just pured out. Please read all the posts. They will either compell you to become a hospice nurse or send you running the other direction!
  5. by   MiddleT
    If you do not like the way you have to rush from pt to pt and not be able to give the pt the TOTAL support they need while in your unit, then you will love home care hospice. I have been a hospice nurse for 5yrs and still love it. You can set up your day however you wish as long as you get things done. Four to five pt a day is all you can handle, even though I have had emergency type days that I have seen six to seven. If you do need to rush, your pt and familys understand. I could go on and on. I give it a ****.