Pay Increase ATO PTO how does your company treat you? .

  1. Looking for insight r/t how other agencies are providing pay increases, ATO, PTO, and sick time. I am located in Nebraska. No pay increase for 2 yrs. Prior yr the increase was 1%. After several years with the same company I am making 50 cents more than when I started. Only 1 mileage increase of 5 cents in the past 3 yrs. Currently receive 160 hr of ATO per year plus sick time. Sick time accrues at about 47hr per yr.
    Now the company has announced that rather than separating ATO and sick pay, they are going to combine both into PTO. According to the change, I will receive 23 days/ 8hr per day 'Paid Time Off' per year. This means that I will now have LESS time off with pay. I will lose approx 25 hours of paid time.
    Am I wrong???? or is this just rude to treat employees this way. Is this common with for profit hospice?
    Please tell me where you are located.
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  3. by   sclpn
    Located in SC. no pay raises in 3 years not even a cost of living raise. Medical insurance has tripled over 3 years. I expect that it will increase again in March. (open enrollment). accrue PTO at 12 hours a month depending if you work 12 hr shifts or 8 hour shifts. Most 8 hr folks get 40 hrs per week while 12 hr people get 36 hrs per week. So that amount affects how much you actually accrue each pay period. Mileage is at the IRS rate and only changes if the IRS changes the rate they pay. Over 3 yrs low was 50 cents/mile. High is 55 cents/mile. I work for non profit. I dont know the answer to the money problems that all hospices seem to face but it doesnt make it easy to continue working without pay increases, especially since the cost of living keeps climbing..