New to Hospice too...

  1. Greetings all!

    I am posting to whine as well as ask for advice.

    My history in nursing = 7 years as a nursing assistant/CNA, and 6 years as an RN. My background in nursing is med/surg/ortho for 1 year the past 5 as an RN geriactric/a.k.a- nursing home attached to a hospital. I have been in Hospice Homecare for 4 months PRN and love it. I can spend time and take care of my patients!

    My question is - is there such a thing as "assertive" hospice nursing?????

    For example- as stated in one of the earlier posts- when do you treat the UTI?
    I think when ever the patient is uncomfortable. But I have noticed fellow colleges are not as 'aggressive' as I was termed by a fellow nurse. I understand the payment issues re: meds etc.... but it is not always pain management...sometimes there are psych issues and not just with the patient but the family...depression, guilt etc.

    Another question anyone know of any good resource books that I could pull some ideas from? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks- Lesa
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