Need help please !!!!!!

  1. I have a second interview on the palliative floor at the hospital i'm working on. I'm very nervous because I really really want a position on that floor. I've already had one meeting with the head nurse, did my readings before but apparently wasn't prepered enough, or at least that was my feeling as I left the interview. We're meeting again on Tuesday for a more formal interview in which she told me she's going to ask me questions to evaluate my critical thinking. Can anybody share with me the experience they had when they went to their job interview? What type of questions should I expect. Please, any tips will be much appreciated...
    Thank you and have a great weekend
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  3. by   Teachchildren123
    Too bad I just found this question from you; you already went for your interview!
    The interviewer seems pretty "harsh" asking you about critical thinking when you are a new grade... that is very difficult having not been exposed to a wide variety of event...
    You know what I mean, I do not want to be demeaning, it's just some questions are for more seasonned nurse. But, may be they just wanted to see if you were going to come back by scarying you... and I am sure you proved them wrong!
    I was looking to see if you had anything to add on the O.I.I.Q. exam you going to pass, because as I wrote on other threads, I do not know what to expect either!
    Thanks and good luck!