Misys in hospice care

  1. I just took a case managment job with a start-up hospice and we're going to be using Misys for our clinical documentation and billing. After training on the software for a couple of weeks I'm beginning to have my doubts about how well I'm going to be able to integrate this program into my nursing practice. I'll be doing a lot of admissions since this is a startup, and so far it's taken me over 4 hours just to do all of the electronic charting for a practice admission.
    Does anyone have experience using Misys for nursing documentation in hospice care? Can you comment on how it's affected your patient care, for better or worse? And what sort of hardware is your agency using - tablets or laptops?
    Thank you!
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  3. by   doodlemom
    Our agency used to use Misys but we did not use it for documenting visits. It was used for meds and care plans that HIM entered in the computer for us. We now use Suncoast Solutions and all of the clinical staff carry a tablet except CNA's. Can't say I love it! The thing that I've noticed more than anything is that my work takes a great deal longer than it used to.
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  4. by   Al Stephens
    we have been using mysis for almost 2 years now, and use it for all, yes it at first took a long time for the admissions, and some assessments, but in time, when you learn what areas expect, well, i am able to do an admisson in under 2 hours, and an assessment in 30-45 minutes. That is not in the home with the patient. Being on call, i usually dont have time for that, so i bring my notes home, and put them in then. I think it is a good system, and we know that it keeps getting upgraded regulary, but I like the system. ( I know, being a computer freak also helps...)
  5. by   tmslaughter
    I have been using Misys for many years, I've been through several integrations using their system for clinical purposes including assessments. Are you aware that you can customize the assessment? You need to go through the administration tab and I'd be happy to help you with this.