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Hello- I am so glad that I found this website. I am a registered dietitian working with a hospice organization in Athens, GA. I have been with the organization for a few months and have been doing... Read More

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    You are absolutely right. I agree. I try to talk the nurses and MDs out of Megace everytime. It's just that many of our patient are admitted to our hospice already on it and unfortuately some of the nurses have the mind set that anyone admitted with failure to thrive should have an appetite stimulant. From reading the feedback from this list I now have some research to back up my proposition to evaluate the use of appetite stimulants with our patients. You guys have given me the knowledge and support that I needed to try to go forward. Now that Medicare has stopped paying for appetitie stimulants many of our patients are going to be in trouble with the high cost. Thanks for your help.
    If you're looking for info, try HPNA @ www.hnpa.org