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  1. Do any of you who are members of a national or state hospice organizations want to share the benefits of membership? What educational opportunities have you taken advantage of? Has it helped you in your understanding of symptom relief or patient care? Has it benefitted anyone to have their chpn? Thanks.
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  3. by   aimeee
    We get a raise when we get our CHPN (though not a big one) and I feel very proud to have the letters after my name on my name tag. I get asked now and then what it stands for and its great to be able to tell people I am specially certified in this area of care.

    Our hospice sets up all of the audio conferences that NHPCO sponsors and sometimes these are very good. There was one about end stage heart disease not long ago that I found very informative. The conferences are awesome too. Just coming together with so many people in this field is an experience in itself.
  4. by   doodlemom
    Our state organization meetings are fun to go to. We have some educational opportunities, but it also gives us the opportunity to ask questions of other hospices and share information so that we can all do a better job. We are a member of NHPCO, as well and we take advantage of their audio conferences frequently (CEU credits, as well.)
  5. by   hcan
    Our hospice is a member of the state organization, and some of us get to go to the conferences and we do sometimes take advantage of the web conferences that are offered. I am also a CHPN, but have not enjoyed any recognition or financial benefits from it. I was thinking more in terms of an individual membership.