hospice, family and thank you

  1. I am a pulmonary nurse. There are several members of my family who are nurses in some capacity, paramedic and even one Dr. Between us we have encountered alot of different things. I say that to say this. I have never been around Hospice till this past week. We live in a rural area and Hospice is done in the home. The problem is it is my families home they are coming to as of this past weekend. A very precious, young, loved one who has been battling CA with mets for over ten years and she is just now in her early forties. We had a pain crisis due to bone mets and the Dr. finally come clean and said-this is it there is nothing else I can do for her. As a nurse I saw this coming a LONG time ago-as a loved one I am in shock and heartbroke. She is now comfortable with the morphine pump and the group of nurses, social worker, cna's and entire staff have been wonderful. I never realized what an opportunity Hospice staff have on impacting a patient's and their families lives. If you ever get frustrated or feel burned out I want you each to know this--From the bottom of my heart,thank each and every one of you for the "job" you do. You are truly a blessing and make a difference in peoples lives.
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    Let me clarify something. My loved one had breast cancer ten years ago-she has been fighting mets since 2004. She lived "cancer free" for almost 8 years. I did not realize how this read till I looked back on my post-just a little bit emotional-
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    Dear mim-o,
    I'm sorry you and your family are going through this experience with your
    loved one, and I'm thankful that you have a good Hospice team and your loved one is comfortable. Hospice is a wonderful program and under utilized. Please use your experience to educate your community.
    God Speed!