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I'm a newbie to this site. I was researching quizes and etc that would help me study for the HPCN exam this weekend. I've been a hospice nurse for 4 years, and love it. I hope I'll do okay on the... Read More

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    My preparation was to take the test that goes along with the core curriculum multiple times as well as the online test. First it showed me the areas where I needed to study more, but just as important was how to read the questions. Pay close attention to the words "first" "last" "best" etc. It can make the difference when deciding between 2 good answers. I just took it and I PASSED!
  2. by   kittyboxers
    I would recommend that anyone taking the 50 question assessment test wait until a week or two before the actual exam. Any earliier and you run the risk of discouraging yourself if you score too low on it.The self-assessmemt test cost 535 when I took it. Unfortunatly, while you can go back and study your qestions and answers, there's no second chance to download a new self-assessment test with different questions.

    Wait until you're pretty sure you're prepared for the test. About the week before the actual test I took the assessment exam and its results were something like "Well above average. Well above the 20th percertile and likely to passl" This did wonders for my confidence and told me I'd studied much of the right information.

    Gpod luck with the exam Hope this helps.

    G. Goransson, RN, CHPN
    Author of: "How I Passed the CHPN the Fisrt Time