Hospice AND Home Health

  1. Currently I work for a rather small home health agency as a nurse case manager. I don't have a huge caseload but it is growing. Our home health agency is just a few weeks away from aquiring hospice too. I am really excited for this. My question is can I do both for the company? See hospice and home health patients?

    I love my home health patients and don't want to give them up. I love how much I learn and the different things I get to do every day for my home health patients. I have had an interest in hospice since I became a nurse (two years now). So I really want to work with hospice patients too. I am worried that I will have to choose between the two of them. I really love home health but hopsice is sort of a dream of mine. Can I have the best of both worlds? How can I make it work.

    I don't even know if I will be able to see both home health and hospice patients. I am not sure what the company has in store for us. We are going to be hiring some new nurses. And I am sure our patient load will increase significantly now that we can do both. Also, we do have some current patients who are hospice appropriate who do not want to be discharged to hospice because it is a change in nurses. All of us are REALLY excited for this merge!!!

    Would love to hear from some fellow home health AND hospice nurses if possible but all opinions are welcome. MAN I AM EXCITED ABOUT THIS. It is like my job can't get any better.

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