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hi! :) i'm new and i thought i would introduce myself! i'm jennie. i'm not anything yet, but i do know that i want to be a lpn (i will be a lpn). i want to work at a hospice. i would absolutely... Read More

  1. by   doodlemom
    Quote from aimeee
    Welcome, Jennie! Super that you have your sights set on being a hospice nurse. I'm going to encourage you to think about going ahead and getting your RN though because it will open a wider range of opportunities for you.
    Jennie, I would have to agree with Aimeee. You will have a great deal more opportunity and the salary difference is worth it. If you go into hospice, then as an LVN you would not be able to be a case manager - which I think is a more rewarding job with hospice. JMHO
  2. by   joun
    Hi everyone,

    I am also new as RN.Can you tell me if you are earning more money during working week-ends and Holidays?I would like to know because one hospital told me that they don't give me more money if I work Holidays or Week-ends!!And they pay $1 extra per hour for night shifts.Is it the current rate?

    Thank you for your answer
  3. by   aimeee
    Holidays are time and a half for everyone. Differential for others depends on your role. I think you will find just about every compensation plan under the sun amongst all the different places out there.
  4. by   southjerseyRN
    welcome to our world, some neew some old but all of us will add something to your new career choice.

    Mark RN