Help!!! My team member isn't being a team player!!!

  1. Been a while since I checked in. A chart got audited from my case load which is fine by me, if you're doing your work all along, then there's no worries. Well, I get the call from the office that "notes are missing" so I head for the office, help solve the mystery. the mystery is that my partner hasn't got all her notes in, sometimes 3 weeks ago.. I call her and ask her to come in and help. As the Case Manager, it falls on me, so I finally had to play the heavy and this is with a nurse I spend a lot of time with at work with our patients, and have developed a friendship, calling each other off duty.
    I use this forum as an anonymous outlet because as you all know, nurses eat their own, and offices/nursing units get hen house like politics. So I feel bad, I felt obligated to cover her behind, which i have done in the past, like when people have asked me where she is and I have to hem and hah. Will someone tell me it will be okay? She "quit" says she wanted to for a long time, usually when accountability is an issue...
    I did not back her up today, I am positive I said too much to too many and while I feel like a fink, but I am releived because I don't think I was supported well by my lvn. So We get to meet on Monday with the owner and D.o.n. I guess she's not sure she is quitting or they just needed the weekend nurse so bad that they weren't ready to accept her resignation. I need words of backbone and strength.
    Thanks for the outlet
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  3. by   doodlemom
    It's good to be a team player but everyone should be accountable for their own actions. I don't think your agency should make you accountable for her - are they?
  4. by   RNDYN2CU
    THat's what I'm screaming. She didn't turn in notes, she should be at the meeting. She told me she wanted to wuit that A.m. when the D. O. N. called her in, she didn't like the D.on.'s "tone". Now she's peeved because I called her and told her i was in the office "covering my butt and the more I do the worse it's looking for her." I tought it was pretty funny. She didn't dig it. Oh well, I';; head to the office on Monday with the attitude of "Why am I here?" I'm just a woosey. The dinosaur from Toy Story, I don't like confrontations.
  5. by   river1951
    You help no one by letting them get by with behavior that is not correct. The worse a habit she gets in, the harder it will be for her to do her work. I encourage my nurses to take a break when they get home to get fresh for their paperwork- no one likes it, but it is sooo important. How do you know what she did otherwise? Hang in there- I am not as scared of confrontation as you, but I'm not saying I like it...God bless
  6. by   RNDYN2CU
    LVN got fired. thanks for the outlet. I grew up a LOT last week and really gre into my RN Case mnger big girl boots! YEAHHH!!!