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here's my problem. i have a res. which i'm pretty sure has bone ca. a month and a half ago this women was up excersizing doing leg lifts at the rails in the hallway everyday knew what day her b-12... Read More

  1. by   aimeee

    I've heard of the suckers that are a form of fentanyl, haven't seen them myself...but I'm told they are VERY expensive...of course, those are brand name. I'm told they are a BIG nuisance when you have to waste them too. What else have you seen compounded in a sucker? Do they use compazine in them too for the nausea component? And how do you approach dosing if the patient doesn't consume the whole sucker?
  2. by   tex
    Forget the suckers if you are able to assess that the patient won't be utilizing it. We did have a name of Gralla, a topical oint that was measured out like nitro. Its sole purpose was for nausea/ You can call in Niagaria Falls, NY the pharmacy that compounds these meds. I will try to remember the name of the place and get back to you. But it is on Pine Ave. The pharm. are sharp. Another source is Niagaria Hospice in Lockport N.Y. you can call them and ask for the pharmacy's name in Niagaria Falls. Hope this helps....Tex
  3. by   tex
    The name of the pharmacy that compounds in Niagaria Falls N.Y. is called Pine Pharmacy............these people are great and sharp. Tex
  4. by   aimeee
    Thanks, Tex. That info may come in handy sometime!