courses online for Hspice Case Mngmnt

  1. Any suggestions on courses available to be a beter Hospice Case Manager in Cali? Thanks
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  3. by   EmptytheBoat
    I have no recommedations for online courses, but just wanted
    to let you know from my readings of your posts, you present as
    a very knowledgeable and compassionate case manager now;
    experience will make us all better, this forum helps. God speed!
  4. by   RNDYN2CU
    You have NO idea how much your words helped me.... like salve on a wound I kid you not. I am having a real rough patch with my co-worker and just trying to keep up and while i am plugging one leak over here,all be darned if another one doesn't spring up over there!!! I saw all of my patients 2 weeks in a row and did two admits, the Idt book and turned my notes in in a timely manner and did the schedules and all 19 direct visits with my home health aids... and it apparently wasn't enough...I couldn't or chose not to back my LVN up when notes of visits came up missing and she pulled a tood. TOmorrow we confront with the DON and I hate confrontations. It's her mistake, I have to remember that, I feel she wants me to back her up in a lie. I know she could be pulling more weight and since this is my first experience, I have no comparison to know what real teamwork is like in the Hospice environment. I am doing my homework so I know what it should be and get that for myself and my dear patients. I really want to stick with this until I iron out the bugs and feel the rhythm and stop sweating the small stuff,, but I am still trying to figure out what the small stuff is. It's really helping me grow the heck up as an RN, and it's due time. So thanks again for the words of encouragement.
  5. by   BeExcellent
    Just reading your schedule made me out of breath. I had an opportunity to have a team "partner" but I declined. I watched a co-worker have a melt down when she was looking at a huge case load and a "partner" on vacation. These partnerships can work but huge caseloads make me want to lie down. As for info..VickyRN had a posting at this site under Great Article: Pain Management, Palliative Care, and Treatment of Terminally Ill. I downloaded article and thought it useful. Hang in there.
  6. by   RNDYN2CU
    These responses are healing. This forum is worth ten therapists. T.Y.