1. I would like information about the benefits of Hospice certification. Thank you.
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  3. by   ilovelilac
    i think certification is useful because:

    you will increase your knowledge base studying for the exam

    you can prove to your patients, peers and doctors that you know a thing or two about hospice nursing

    you can prove to YOURSELF that you know a thing or two about hospice nursing (very helpful on THOSE days!)

    you become a role model to your peers to upgrade their learning

    your employer may give you an increase (i got 4% specifically r/t certification)

    these were a few quick thoughts i had -- the hospice and pallitive nurses assoc probably lists a few more in their cert info -- keep us posted
  4. by   teamrn
    "Ditto" to ilovelilac for her thoughts-I agree w/ them all. I've been in hospice for awhile now, and find that its really easy to get complacent, and settle on 'that' med for 'that' symptom; why?-because it worked in the past? We need to continue to challenge ourselves, as that kind of thinking can lead to burnout and stagnation(needless to say, its not the best problem-solving technique, either!). As nursing fights for respect among other professionals and the public, it really helps my credibility with physicians, and my TEACHING to my patients to be able to give a good, confident, and concrete rationale; not one that I or somebody else 'tried'- that worked before. Our patients deserve-and we can give-more than that. We've begun to have regular inservices by hospice pharmacists about routine, palliative care, and off-label uses for varying medications. I feel strongly that even though patients no longer want aggressive care for their illness, they do deserve the best palliation of their symptoms that is possible.