Buddhist Hospice

  1. After 20 years in critical care, I'm looking into a transition to hospice care. As a practicing Buddhist, I'm particularly interested in a practice that would support and allow end-of-life care in accordance with Buddhist beliefs. Any hints and/or encouragement would be appreciated. Thanks. May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.
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  3. by   HotSpam

    I think you will find this easy. But there is a catch.

    The fact that "you" are Buddhist has no bearing on the type of care the client receives. However, if the client desires a certain flavor of care to ease in this difficult time of life so be it.

    If a client follows A tibet type lifestyle and desires to obtain bells or tone bowls and enjoys aromatherapy you can help him to acheive this condition (within reason). If he desired you to rub lighter fluid into his abdomin and set it afire to purge pancreatic ca you obviously would have to decline.

    But if you feel a certain buddhist ritual is helpful for coping with death and dying I don't think it would be appropriate if you were to insist it upon a catholic individual.

    But you knew all that I bet.

    Good luck,
  4. by   jeezlawheeze
    Bill, I too was a critical care nurse (13 years), and though I don't call myself a buddhist, I do believe in the Buddhist philosophy. I made the transition to Hospice in hope of helping others to maintain dignity, provide comfort, emotional and spiritual support for both the patient and their loved ones. It was at first, a difficult transition from critical care, having been so focused on "cure" and "fixing" what had been wrong. As a nurse in critical care for so long, I worked in a Level I trauma center in the SICU, nurses were often the "target" of greiving families, abusive physicians, etc. With Hospice, you are welcomed into these peoples homes, you become the one they look forward to seeing. You become their teacher, nurse, friend and sometimes their family. In doing Hospice, I feel for the first time I am truly making a difference in someones life. Go for it Bill!