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Hospice Nursing

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by Bella Donna Bella Donna (Member)

Bella Donna has 4 years experience and specializes in hospice, and home health.

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I love working hospice, it is very difficult because you become attached to the patient, as well as the family. It is almost like someone in your family has passed on.

My grandpa passed away on hospice, he died at home and that got me interested in hospice. Then after my mom died in November, I started working in hospice. I was very inspired by the treatment that both of my family members received.

When I went back to work, I decided not to go back to cosmetology, and started doing homehealth. The very forst case I had was la ldy the reminded me very much of my mom. I would be walking across the room and she would make very specific comments to me "that only my mom would say to me! It would stop me in my tracks.The day before she passed away, her daughter and her husband would try to get her to respond to them and she would not. I was the only one she would respond to, and although I felt very badly for the family, It made me feel GREAT to know that I made a difference in her life to the point she knew my touch and the sound of my voice. I cared for her until her death in Febuary when she passed away.

My mom passed away on November 15th, at 2:34pm, this lady passed way on Febuary 15th at 2:45 pm. It was a very difficult time for me losing both so close together, and with all the coincidences between the two.

Hospice is very stressful, giving the magnitude of what you will deal with on a daily basis. However.....It is very fulfilling knowing you made a difference in a person's life at the end of their days. As well as helping the family both as a friend and as a professional.

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