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Is anyone here a hospice NP? I am a fairly new grad FNP but worked Admissions in Hospice as an RN for 3 years prior to becoming a nurse practitioner.

I just got offered a position as a hospice NP but am having second thoughts about it.

The position is for mostly doing face to face visits.

My question is: how do you typically get paid for this? Per hour or per visit? They said the prior NP would see about 4-5 face to face visits per day which sounds like a lot considering chart review, notes, travel time, etc. What is a reasonable expectation for this, not taking into account travel time?

Also is it too routine just seeing face to face visits? Do you ever get called for symptom management visits or complex admissions?

Thanks for any advice you can provide! The other position I applied for and got was for a school nurse position (district nurse). I know, they are two completely different specialties but part of me also just wanted to be a nurse again without all the responsibilities of a NP and to do more public health programs. However, another part of me wants to practice to the top of my education. I'm just not sure if I have enough knowledge to do such an independent position in hospice


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I am not a hospice np, but do work with several in my organization. Ours do f2f, and also complex symptom mgmt visits.