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Hospice around Knoxville Tn

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Hey all. Im currently a hospice RN on the west coast and thinking of relocating just outside the southern Knoxville TN area. Im wondering if anyone works or has worked for any of the agencies there and can give me inside on how it is/if you like it. 

How is your agency set up? Ex: we have Case Managers (CM) with 10-14pts who we are in charge of and see on M/Th & T/F..we also have Visit RNs that do admissions and see any pts for those CMs out sick/on vacay/have too many in one day to see. We have separate Night RNs and about 3-4 RNs that work weekends for any and all visits needed. We also have a Triage RN during the day to solve issues over the phone during the day and can send someone to see a pt if it cant be solved on the phone.

Is management easy to approach at your hospice?

Are coworkers open to helping each other out? 

Do you have chaplains, social workers and volunteers as well?

Feel free to private message me if you dont want to give your agency name openly. Im planning on contacting all agencies in the area soon to talk to managers but employees can be more open to talking about any flaws....And yes, I know pay will be much less than where Im at now which i have no problem with...Thanks!

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