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Has anyone been following this? The horrible DUI that led to 5 deaths and 12 total involved. http://wboy.com/ . People are writing in with comments. It's so hard to believe and I am so glad i don't touch a drop of ETOH anymore. I feel so bad for my past though. This is just horrifying for those families. I noticed one of my friend's daughter posted on that remark section talking about how one DUI and you license should be revoked but....... her dad does it quite a bit without getting caught. He is an old friend of mine and neighbor. We don't talk so much anymore... I think maybe because of my changes. Anyway just wondering if others were tuned into this.

Have no clue to what you are referring . I do not, have never, and will not consume alcohol. Too many Irish alcoholics in the family tree to risk it. I am the only one of 3 who does not drink or have a drinking problem. Dad was only sober one in 6 and so it goes down the line. Before age and disease took a toll on us, any excuse to drink was a good excuse to get drunk. I feel for anyone who has lived with this problem.

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This was just a horrible accident up morgantown way that killed and injured a lot of people and the guy responsible was drunk. He had seven DUIs and the people are understandably outraged.


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I have read this story and also find it quite horrible. Not only that so many were killed, but three of them where children. When will people learn that their actions effect others? :o

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