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Hopeful NCP applicant just told FY 2013 is filled up. What to do?!


I have done my whole kit and just missed NCP for my graduating year's FY2013 as it just filled up this week... From your guys' experiences, is Direct Accession much more competitive for an applicant with no nursing experience? I have the option of applying for FY2014 if I take a quarter off to push my graduation date so that it falls under FY2014, but the thought of pushing my graduation date is a bit unsettling, however I want to give myself the best chance of getting commissioned. My other option is to just sit tight, keep my grades up and do Direct Accession 6 months before graduation. However this is also unsettling because I have read and heard that Direct Accession is far more competitive as there are less spots to fill... I just want to go NAVY! Any thoughts?