Hooray, he's gone!!!!


Hi all,

Just want to vent a little. I work in the WI DOC and today we finally transferred the biggest pain in the butt in the entire system from our facility to another.:yelclap:

This guy was an obsessive hypochondriac who owned a medical text book. Correctional nurses can guess what that means. LOL

At least 2 health service request per day, he had every imaginable disease that ended in the word -itis that you could think of. He wanted us all brought up on charges of attempted murder because we wouldn't give him antibiotics. (FYI - every exam was completely normal).

It'll be nice not to have to deal with that anymore, but you know what happens next right? We get someone just as bad or worse. Oh well, that's correctional nursing.:lol2:


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I work in corrections and I can think of several people who would fit the bill of a big pain in the.....

I always feel bad for that poor nurse that I am transferring that pain in the a** to.

I know what you mean though.

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is that what u call " pass the a$$ " ?


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That's so familiar and funny. The bad thing is, in corrections and dialysis, those guys make the rounds and frequently COME BACK to you! My amusement and shock, when having been gone from correctional nursing for 4 years, my first shift at the PRETRIAL building brings around my worst nightmare from 10 years ago. Who let him out???


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He'll be back.

Or, someone worse.


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LOL, how funny. He probably owned a few lawbooks too, and was ready to sue whomever didn't cater to his self perceived medical needs... :rolleyes:


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oh, we could only hope that he was gone. the problem is that he just became someone else's problem. however, i do understand what it feels like to at least get a break from them. breath while you can cause he'll be back or i'm sure that there is at least two others willing to take his place.:lol_hitti

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