Hondros or not?


Hi! I just recently started reading all the great info on this website so I thought I'd ask a quick question. I am going to be layed off this month and my intention is to go back to school. I would love to become an RN but the waiting list at so many schools, the many new grads that are having a hard time finding jobs...I'm just not sure anymore. Anyway, my question is about Hondros. I've read so many good and bad comments about this school, so I'm just wondering if anyone at the West Chester location can give my any insight on how the school is. I've read most of the posts but alot of them are from a couple years ago... Would anyone recommend this school? Any recent graduates finding jobs? Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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I have not been fully accepted as of yet, to Hondros in West Chester, I will find out at the earliest by the end of this week or have to wait until after the Easter holiday coming up. But, I can say that they present themselves well, and the accreditations can be verified. I looked into two other private colleges in the area and the reviews were not very good, accreditations could not be verified and I felt like I was buying a used car at one of the schools. I am not posting the names for public view, because these are my own feelings and I don't want to discourage anyone that may be attending these colleges and have a more positive view....I think it really depends on what is best for you and your schedule. My best advice for you is to go to visit more than one school, have your questions, get them answered and just make sure that the accreditations are in place. (NLNAC - National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) Best of luck to you!


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Thank you for your response... I'm still kind of in the beginning stages, just really contacting schools and looking online right now but I need to get the ball rolling. If you get time, let me know how it goes for ya...I wish you the best of luck in your journey too!