Its my first semester away from home and I am soooo homesick :down: someone please tell me this will get better, because ive got a long way to go. Im only 4 hours away from home but I really dont want to get in the habit of going home too often.

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Good day:

When I went to Juniata College, I was around 5 hours from home without a car or driver's license (I didn't get mine until I was 19).

You will have good days and bad days; and over time the bad days get less and less intense.

What might help is to plan out calling x times per week to stay in touch.

Also, look at what type ofextracurricular activities you can get involved in such as student ambassadors (if your school has them) and the like as well as volunteering in your community.

In addition to keeping active outside of school work, you will develop friendships and keep yourself and your mind occupied.

Thank you.


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It WILL get better. I'm from Alberta, Canada and went to school in Florida. All it took was getting involved in some activities and making some friends (:


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I can sympathize with you. I am not away from home because of school but because my husband is military. Plus we have a toddler and no family around that he's used to. It does get better at least you know you will be home soon.