What questions would I ask a prospective employer/agency in HHC?

  1. When you were hired on to a HHC agency, what made you decide on that one? Or, if you were hired and found yourself to be in a bit of a bind working for them, what would you warn me against?

    What questions should I ask to know that an agency would be a good agency to work for?

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    What type of pts do you care for? Ages?
    What will I be assigned to?
    Who will I call with clinical questions/concerns should they arrise?
    Who will handle my schedule?
    Can other nurses assigned to a case change my schedule? Take days I had previously scheduled?
    Do you have required shifts? How many hours/wk entitles me to full time status?
    What is the pay scale, benifits (insurance, vacation, etc)
    Do you have a weekend/evening/night diff? How does it work?
    Can i expect a raise? When?

    Most importantly get it in writing! Clarify everything!

    When I hired on with my current agency, I was told there is a 150$ wekkend bonus if I
    work minimum 12 hours every weekend for 3 months straight. The last weekend was coming up. I was scheduled for 12 hours on one of my secondary cases. I was called on Friday and told the primary nurse needed that shift to make his weekly 40 hours. It's his primary case I was left without a choice. I did not get my bonus becuase I didn't work 12 hrs every weekend. after 3 months minus 1 weekend, I was back at the beginning. NOT again...

    Do not limit yourself to one case. If that pt ends up in the hospital you will be short hours because you will have nothing left but "fill-in" hours.

    If you are not comfortable with a home/family/pt say so and do not go back. Don't leave mid-shift of course, but call the agency and tell them you simply can not work there anymore. Then tell them why.

    Ask for and expect orientation to any new cases you go on. Soemtimes it will not happen because the scheduled nurse called off and there isn't anyone else who can cover it, but expect orientation most of the time.
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    thank you so much for your thorough and thoughful response. i copied and pasted your post.


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