Week one of orientation done

  1. I've been following the board for a few weeks, getting tips, seeing how my hospital compares, the nightmare stories, etc. ! I have been a hospital based nurse for 16 years with med surg, ER, icu, and procedures clinic. I am just really really done with hospital nursing. I switched hospitals and took a position with a large Detroit based hospital for home health. It seems how they approach training for this is top notch...although I could be wrong. LOL I am in training for six weeks at corporate with various educators, leRning computer, paperwork, organization, coding and all the other admin stuff. Going out to observe and do monitored openings. Next, 6 weeks at my local office in orientation. Then I'll work up to three patients a day for a while, then up to the standard of six. (Or six points). Hospital managers, educators said it'll be six months before we are fully on our own. I feel lucky that they take this training seriously and have tons of resources for the nurses.I can already see how the paperwork can be a nightmare, so I am taking all of your tips and tricks to heart . I think this is going to be a good change, although one with challenges! Just wanted to say HELLO to everyone and convey that you all inspire me.
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    You are very lucky to work for. I had one week then was on my own. I worked 6-7 days a week saw 6-10 pts mon-fri then saw a few on sat and sun and since we are paper finished up my paperwork on sat then set up my week on sun. I lasted 2 years. Took very little time that when I finally left they owed me thousands of dollars. I do not see how people say HH is flexible. How could I pick up my kids at a certain time when I need to see 10 pts and something happens so I get stuck at a pts house. Can not just say gotta go when you have a pts that is having an acute issue. I moved on but yes I am making ALOT less money but I am home on weekends and can plan on picking kids up when needed.
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    Good luck! Sounds like you're getting a very good start.
  5. by   KountryPrincess
    With all your experience I am sure you would be an asset to any agency. My agency did not exactly throw me too the wolves, but when I started I was seeing some pts on my own within a week or so. However, they started with easier pts that I had already met shadowing
    the other nurses, and I still had to go to OASIS classes for the first month I worked there, and gradually, I would get checked off by the other nurses doing things like IV care, vp labs, foleys, ostomys, wd care, anticoagulation monitoring etc. After about 2 months I was pretty much on my own. I work for a rural agency with a huge driving radius. When I started, a full day was 5 patients or the equivilent (opens are considered 2 visits). After we went to computer doc. our productivity is expected to be 4 patients or the equivilent.....yep it went down because the doc. is soooo time consuming. I only work part time and I currently do mostly opens....it is my preference and my supervisor agrees it is my strong point. I love to meet the pts and be the first impression of the agency, come up with a plan for them and really start the teaching about meds, disease process etc. Then I turn them over to the CM......hopefully with the best start I can give both the pt and the CM with the pt. I love it. When I have to do revisits now I get cranky....lol