The "HomeHealth Nurse" Gene :-)

  1. with due credit to the february 2008 issue of "home healthcare nurse" and the article "the role of the home healthcare nurses in high risk cancer screening", i'd like to share the hypothetical "home health nurse gene" components:

    able to find any unmarked house on any unmarked road (gps)

    ability to make any medical supply out of ingredients found in the kitchen (msk)

    speed to outrun family dog and nosy neighbors (snoop)

    perform any car maintenance on the fly (indy)

    ability to smile while performing a home visit with a police escort (martha)

    coordination of team meeting, attending child's school play, and complete an admission (triority)

    paperwork tolerance (mega)

    manage computer, medical equipment, and communication devices (wired)

    manage regulations, policies, personal preferences and quirks of coworkers and supervisors (reg)

    ability to see into the future and predict patient compliance with the plan of care (oasis)

    and my favorite...

    skill in determining who is and is not homebound (cop)

    see--it really is in our dna:bowingpur
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