RN supervision of LPN

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    I've been away for a bit but I need advice (especially from kowledgable homecare RN's in OHIO). How does your agency utilize LPN's and what is your company's policy on LPN supervision by the RN. It seems to me that unless you are JCAHO or CHAP accredited the Medicare regulations don't tell us howwe have to supervise the LPN. I'm helping our agency draft our policies/ procedures where this is concerned and would love some direction! Thanks, VNM
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  3. by   homehealth43130
    LPN's must get and give report to the casemanager before seeing the patient, all orders must be co-signed by the RN. They can only observe and report, all changes in care must be by the direction of the RN. Annual on-site supervisory visit and competency testing is done annually.

    Hope this help - we are also in ohio.