pt acuity scale

  1. would anyone be willing to share how they assess and record pt acuity?
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  3. by   santosmo
    Hello Dfisher,
    I work in a large medical center in KSA and use the patient acuity scale in the ICU and the wards. In our acuity scale, we assess the current needs of a patient, how much load of nursing a patient needs and the acuity would tell how critical a patient is or how self-caring a client may be. I shall send you reply once I get a copy of how the acuity scale looks like. I hope I was able to help...a bit. Have a nice day
  4. by   lroy
    In homecare this can be a major issue! We have looked into this and have found that can get very complicated and to time consuming. But on the other hand we need to show Management that some cases take longer then others! The best method I have heard of as of today is the 1 2 scale. This is all Admissions's and complicated revisits are considered a 1 and all other revisits are
    considered a 2. This way you may have 2 number 1's and 4 number 2's for a total of 6 visit per day. But never would you have more then 2 number 1's! At our agency we must meet productivity so that is why we limit each nurse to two number 2's. Please share with us any other methods you have heard about! I would be very interested!
  5. by   aseekeri
    i too am looking for a sample acuity scale. surely there must be some out there. if anyone has one please share. thanks
  6. by   dogtiredtoo
    :bowingpurI could also use a copy, please. Our hospital is small but many acute problems including an administrator who wants to increase the number of pts to nurse ratio. HELP !!! Please.
  7. by   butterflyball
    The organization in which I work provides residential care for the DD and TBI populations. We have a Nurse Case Management model for health care in our community based programs. I am searching for a medical acuity tool that can help determine a nurse to resident ratio.
  8. by   kwilkin
    santosmo's, I would also truly appreciate a copy of your acuity scale.
    Thank you Kathleen