PPS - what are ya gonna do?

  1. Let's share some info here...what are your agencies doing to get ready for PPS? We have had 1 inservice as an overview, there is a PPS video, good for 4 CEUs we can view. There are more training sessions planned for Aug. We see our visits becoming longer to accomplish more teaching. We see the trend towards a managed care model...we are not happy. What are we going to do when wound care supplies are included in the episode reimbursement, instead of billed separately? What are you gonna do?
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  3. by   barb b
    I hate to say this, but if you're not ready for PPS now, you may be in trouble! We actually began to prepare for PPS last year, It takes effect Oct.1 whether you are ready or not! We have had some off-site workshops that we attended back in april and in May, Most of our billing personell have been to at least two workshops, we have done monthly meetings for our field staff and are really looking at the type of referrals that we can actually afford to accept.We have had to really put the focus on teaching and finding a teachable caregiver and it hasn't been easy. Another issue is getting the docs to understand that we can't stay on a case just because of "inadequate home situation" or that medicare won't cover the cost of an RN for a 2x2 dressing change. Education of the physicians and other referral sources has always been an issue, but will be even moree important in the future. Things are really going to change and I have a feeling that they are going to get worse before they get better! Good Luck!!!
  4. by   Mijourney
    Check my post out under "Jeanbean."
  5. by   ketrn
    Hi I have to agree with Barb B. WE have been working on PPS for a long time and very glad that the ruling is out. I am looking for some more list servers on pps any ideas?
    Has anyone heard if the part b is going to include outpt therapy too if we transfer them? Thanks Kathleen
  6. by   toby
    Has anyone been following the list serve on Myhomehealth? Lots of discussion on Final regs.
  7. by   nurse T
    We have been getting ready for PPS for a year. I was told that agencies will be responsible for med. supplies and rehab. I think were getting the squeeze. We will have to be picky about the DX's we take. This makes me want to scream. Just think of the huge crack pts will fall through. I'd like to be optomistic, but right now I'm just frustrated. Scenario? SOC for TKA, pt also has colostomy, is IDDM, and has OP PT. We wonder if we'll have to decline the referral or do more phone nursing and less visits to reduce costs. This is just plain DUMB.