Only $25.00 for the entire training period?

  1. I will admit that I'm totally naive when it comes to home health, but a friend of mine told me she works part-time in HH to supplement her income and that I should consider it (we are both school nurses). I accepted her advice and got a job at an agency. We don't work at the same place. Anyway to continue with my story, I was told by this agency that they pay 25.00/hr on skilled visits and 65.00/hr on head to toe assessments. When I was about 4hrs into my training (with approx. 15 nursing modules with post-test pending), I was told that I will receive $25.00 (flat fee) for training. I don't want to even figure out how much that going to come to per hr. Is this normal practice? Thanks in advance for your help.
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