Need to findFederal Regs re: record managsment

  1. Hi,
    I am specifically looking for regulations that discuss locking client records , keeping them in a secure place, and so forth. Also any State of Wisconsin regulations that refer to record management. I know I've seen them, but I can't find them now!

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  3. by   jgoletski
    pat -- hello! my name is jaime. i am a nursing student in grand juction, co. i am in my home health nursing course and learning how to access and use the internet system. i noticed that no one has responed to your question regarding a way to lock up patient files. i am learning here, so do not have a lot of answers. i think that it is interesting that you are interested in this topic. has there been a problem in the past regarding the safety and confidentiality of home health patients records? what was the system in the past? curious

    jaime l. goletski