Need HELP! I feel duped!

  1. I have been a visiting nurse for 15 years. I lived in NY and worked for the same company. The are which I lived was changing ( taxes at $14-15,000, schools not a good as they used to be etc.) Anyway I started researching great areas to live and of course Raleigh, NC came up because of the cost of living, schools weather- I could go on but I won't. So I contacted several travel nursing companies and several said they have a constant supply of jobs. I believed them. We put our house on the market and it sold pretty fast. We visited the area several times and decided to make the move. This I realize was/is a risk but several calls to these travel companies assured me that I would at least find temp work. Well- now that I am here- there seems to be a dry spell. Really??

    I love homecare. I've been doing it so long I don't even know where to look to change my direction. I applied to some of the hospitals as I am used to a hospital based home care agency but things seem different. We did all the oasis visits and regular visits- case managed etc. Here there seems to be a coordinator an oasis nurse etc. Also in NY you had to have a certification for IV's I think ayone can do IV's here??

    I had 1 interview- it was going o.k. until she shocked me with a reasonable projection of 6 units per day- SOC = 3 recert/resumption and discharge = 2 units. I felt WOW I can do this! But I was raw from an atypical day at my old job where I had 5 visits and 2 SOC on a Sat. How did I do it you ask? I remember the day very clearly: My first visit was 3 miles from home (wound care) next I traveled less than .5 mile to an assisted living center where I saw 4 visits and 1 admission (the reg visits were 3 wounds and 1 CR assessment) I took about 20 min to scarf down some food and continued to my second SOC 3 miles away. I charted for the rest of the night and yes I did have overtime it was a 10-11 hour day. In my old job you cannot lock your #485 until you speak directly with the MD to confirm the meds and orders for treatmen (we had problems with MD's not signing orders after the fact. The interviewer asked when I completed everything and I said Mon morning - meaning when I locked the last piece. I should have clarified and explained but I guess not having interviewed for 15 years... She asked how is it possible to give quality care? Really? And this was not a typical day, I wish I could go back to the interview but I can't.

    Anyway I applied to several other positions but have not gotten an interview yet (it about 2 weeks). Should I be paranoid. Did I make a collasal mistake to move here?? Sorry so long-
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