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I am curious about how other agencys are reimbursing for mileage. Do they allow you to start from home and charge for mileage to your first pt home? What if you go directly home from your last... Read More

  1. by   seasonedlpn
    I work as a per visit nurse for 4 different agencies. One pays a flat $5 per patient as car allowance. Works well, especially if I have 2 or 3 in the same building! The other 3 pay mileage from the 1st patient to the last patient. (lunch is at the "dashboard diner"!) I really spend a lot of time on" mapquest " if I have patients with all 4 of them in one day! I drive 3,000 miles a month! Jiffy-Lube gives me frequent flier miles! I bring the guys at Jiffy-Lube a box of donuts or spring for a pizza. Today my service was FREE, they gave me a gift certificate for a free service on my last visit.All I paid was $5.40 for a mixed dozen of fresh donuts. Remember the hospital patients with a box of chocolates at the bedside? They always got a little bit extra care. Works at Jiffy- Lube too.
  2. by   adaptation
    My agency does not reimburse anyone one cent for either mileage or travel time. This is in a suburb of a Canadian city.

    I've was told when I was hired that expenses like mileage are tax deductible and many of their nurses prefer this over being paid for their expenses.

    Great, huh?
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  3. by   Traveler
    The price of gasoline seems to continue to inch upward. I have been with my current agency for almost 3 years without an increase in mileage reimb. We're only at 26 cents a mile. 15 years ago, working in marketing while in nursing school, I was paid 32 cents a mile. I know we can take the extra off on our taxes, but that doesn't really translate into much money. What's the deal? I may have to get one of those new hybrid cars out of necessity. Unfortuately in the kind of terrain we have to drive in, a 4 wheel drive is a must.