Inservicing Home Health Aides

  1. The responsibility has been recently bestowed upon me to inservice the home health aides in our office. I had wanted to do some disease specific topics, like diabetes, heart disease...
    Does anyone have any suggestions? What works for you?

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  3. by   Michele
    I used to do inservices for our Aides to.
    I would see who I had available......
    Such as,A PT-Could do an inservice on R.O.M
    or have the Aides do a blood pressure clinic,
    Or watch a video related to PT care.
    Good Luck,
  4. by   willie
    I too did some inservicing for home health aides. We would often focus on problem patients and work on their disease, problems we would face with them. They seemed to like this as they could identify with what we were talking about more readily. I would also ask them if they had any specific topics they had an interest in. good luck
  5. by   Judy T
    Although I do inservice for long-term care, I think some of the same resources may help. I subscribe to a fantastic monthly publication called The Long Term Care Educator (Health Education Network, 11104 Glen Arm Road, Glen Arm, MD 21057. $80 for one year) which does very informative write-ups on many topics and then has questions and usually a puzzle to do. I use them a lot, but you would need to extrapolate information for home care. Also, can you network with an inservice nurse at a hospital or nursing home and perhaps they would let you borrow some tapes? I have gotten some nice free tapes from drug reps and other types of salespeople (ie enteral feeding suppliers). I have also kept my eye out on public television and have used taped material on TB and HIV and Alzheimer's Disease to use. I recently got a tape from Discovery channel on memory that was excellent. I have used a site on the internet called that has very good material on many diseases, the diabetes information I just used in an inservice. You might try a brief questionnaire to see where the interests are in your group. Education is a challenge when you are working with different levels of interest and knowledge.