I have an interview, need help!!!

  1. I finally took the step! I have an interview with two different Home Health agencies next week! I need some help with deciding which one to work for. And I can only do that with your help :spin:

    What type of questions are important to ask during my interview that would make me choose one over the other? I remember seeing a post here a while back just like mine, but I can't find it.

    I would appreciate any help. I know some things I should ask are whether they pay per visit or salary, whether they use laptops, palm pilots or paper charting, how many pts per day/week..........what else??? Help me out guys!

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  3. by   camrave
    I would ask what are their on call, weekend, and holiday requirements. 1 agency I worked for, we took call about 1-2 times a week. We had a weekend nurse so we only had to work if she requested off or sick. We had to take call on holidays but the agency tried their best not to take admissions that day. The agency I'm with now is different in that we work every third weekend, the nurses are required to work 1 winter and 1 summer holiday, even though you may work more than 1 and also if you work on a holiday its the same as a regular work day. So we are to expect at least 4-5 visits and if it works out there is no one to see you have to use PTO time. Also with this agency, if its your weekend to work/be on call, you also have to take call the rest of the week. The first agency you were paid regardless if you saw people or not and you did not have to use pto time.The reason I left the first agency is because our pt load dropped and we all got scared they were going to close down as another branch in another state had done ( same company ). Its amazing how different 2 HH agencies can be. Also ask if you have to use your pto time to be off on a holiday you are scheduled to be off, how often you have to do late visits, and if they keep in a general area or will you be driving all over the place, also whats their productivity. Some are 25 visits, others are 30 visits a week. Good luck with which ever one you choose.