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  1. What is everyone's favorite software. I have worked with Delta and with PtCt/Maestro. I hear McKesson is good? Our agency is getting ready to switch software and just curious. Will need it both for clinical and admin/billing.
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  3. by   Shub33
    You might want to look at HealthMEDX, their principals used to own McKesson(the home care side). They started the first web-based product after they sold the other company.
  4. by   ruby12
    I prefer Care Converge's Hospice Software. http://hospicesoftware.careconverge.com

    The reason I like them: They are completely web based, excellent administrative features and have a good patient management module. Their family member portal is an excellent way for keeping in touch with the patient's family and the physician portal makes getting physician approvals easy.
  5. by   dmdrn73
    We currently use Cerner RoadNotes/HomeWorks. It has bith Home Health and Hospice aspects to it. When we were deciding what to use. I personally oreferred the McKesson system but Cerner does the job.
  6. by   HisTreasure
    We use McKesson. I like it.
  7. by   homeman
    We just started using Healthcare SOS, we love it so far. They are web based so it cuts down capital outlay, it integrates well with our billing software and they are extremely easy to deal with.
  8. by   homeman
    Speaking of software, does anyone have any policy/procedures they could share in regards to using electronic documentation/scanning of medical records?