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  1. Good day,
    We recently opened a new Home Care Agency. We are located on Staten Island, NY. We are full ofoptimism and good intensions. However, I started to get lost in many regulations and requirements. I realised that in order to start, we need NY license. Whem I called the state, I was told that we process takes at least one year. Does anyone has a similar expirience? What can we do (and waht should we do) while expecting the license?
    Thank you!
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  3. by   godsplan21
    yes it took us 3 years to get our licensed. We are also in SI, we are a licensed home care agency. WE can only take private pay patients or patients with private health insurance, currently our office is closed my partners are new moms and they are not able to make home visits, we are planning to sell our business because of this issue, we are ready to run but we do not have the manpower to do it.
    We can probably discuss something, since we are already licensed and it seems that you have the personnel to do it, we have a well equipped office, all the paper work that you needed, all you need to do is to run it
  4. by   Sofia2009
    Good day Godsplan 21,
    It looks as a very long road, but some will succeed. Can we talk to discuss our plans?
  5. by   leahh

    I saw your post about opening on Staten Island NY and needing a home care license to operate.

    Currently, the State of NY DOH has a moratorium on new applications being accepted and processed. It is not known when they will open this up for acceptance again. The DOH needs to get their "house in order" before going forward.

    Though the industry is saturated with licensed home care agencies, the "baby boom" generation is just upon us now, as well as the life expectancy is at an all time high. These two factors alone keep the licensed home care agencies in NY quite busy. There is a shortage of HHA's as well, so you will need to add a training curriculum to to your agency once licensed.

    At this time, the only way to break into the industry is to purchase an existing licensed agency. Make sure existing policies and procedures are updated and have been reviewed by a DOH surveyor recently. That is a major expense if it hasn't been done.

    Good luck!