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I finally got an RN position after graduating from a BSN program in December! Not my first choice, but it'll give me experience (and hopefully confidence as an RN). I'm working in home health... Read More

  1. by   itri4vt
    Wow, you sure hit the nail on the head!! However, just as I got comfortable with caring for the family I started with and I had actually had some fun conversations with them, my car was broken into, and I didn't want to go back to their neighborhood. I offered to drive to a friend's house 2 miles away and park there if my nursing agency would pay for a $7 cab ride... but they chose not to do that, and left the family hanging on those nights. To top it all off, one of the higher up's in the agency told the person who communicates with parents to tell them that it "just wasn't working out" and didn't want to tell them the real reason why I wasn't coming back. Luckily though I had gone back to the neighborhood to search for my stolen stuff and post flyers, and I had stopped by their house to give them a flyer and warn them to not leave stuff in the cars. So the parents called back and asked: Was it because her car was broken into?? Poor family communicator person was caught in a lie...

    I took a ventilator class last month so I was able to start working with vented kids.

    The home I'm in now is completely opposite. Parents are not involved in the care at all, it's all left up to older siblings (as well as all the cleaning of the house). I was glad to be on nights at first because of the rest of the family... so many people running around, it's chaos! The poor kid is sorta neglected whenever a nurse isn't there. I have switched out with some other nurses that forget to document meds, leave without changing poopy diapers (only to sit for 8 hours before I arrive), mix up the tubing so that the temperature probe is on the external tubing...

    I am only working nights, so my opportunity for learning new things is limited. In fact, now that I have mastered mixing G-tube meds, changing diapers, doing in-line suctioning and cough/assist machine, emptying urinary cath bags... I don't have much more I can learn. Luckily my boss got me scheduled to do the monthly trach change! I'll finally feel a little more comfortable knowing what it feels like to insert a trach. However, I may ask to start working days at a new home so that I can get practice with the routine trach care and other daily activities. I think one of my strengths as a nurse is being able to communicate with patients (esp peds) on their level, and I enjoy talking and working with them. On nights, I don't get that rewarding opportunity.

    Anyway thanks for reviving the thread so I can give an update!