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  1. The agency I work for serves a very rural area. Most of our patients (except the orthopedic or trauma patients) are referred by local doctors. They are very easy to work with and get in touch with. Most of the time they trust our assessments and we routinely call in meds without them being seen by the MD if our assessment shows resp. infections, etc. If we think they need a particular lab for s/s like ua, protime, b12, handh, etc. they never say no.

    I was just wondering, especially in the larger areas, how your doctors are to deal with?

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  3. by   seasonedlpn
    Docs in Southern California are pretty easy to work with, but, as in any other area, they work best with nurses they know.....and trust. As long as a nurse knows what she's talking about, knows the patient pretty well, and relays the facts in a concise manner....she should be able to convey her findings and get the orders she needs.Docs have little time for chit-chat, so make it problem.