Am I ready?

  1. I am looking for some advice. I have been a RN for a little less than a year in a hospital telemetry unit. I do not love my job (I don't dislike it either), but the experience has been tremendous and I have learned more than I ever imagined possible. (and I suspect I have even more to learn) I have done well at my current position, and haven't had any performance issues or such. At my last review, my supervisor told me I was an excellent nurse. I have been applying for positions (12 hr nights are getting old), and I have the opportunity to interview for a home health nurse position. I am very excited about this position, but wonder if I am ready for such independence. The agency offers 12 weeks orientation and seems like a good place to work with a manageable case load of 5-6 pts/day. I am going to shadow one of their nurses for a day next week, just to get an idea of what my day would be like. Do any of you more experienced and wiser nurses have any advice for me?? And as far as salary, what should I expect? Right now I get shift differential on top of my base pay - will the agency just consider my base pay when figuring out what to pay me or will they consider my shift diff as part of my current salary? Thanks so much for the advice, I really appreciate it! :spin:
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  3. by   jnette
    Sounds like the orientation is great. As is the caseload.

    I say go for it.. you'll love it. You always have back up.. only a phone call away to your agency.. don't ever forget that.

    As for salary.. all depends on where you're located, and what the pay is in your area in general. That varies WIDELY .. from one region of the country to the other. Most are pay per visit, some are salaried.