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Hello everyone! I am a brand new LPN, got my license 8/14/2012. I've been working at a non medical home care company for 1.5 years now as a caregiver, but since I got my license my boss and I have been discussing a promotion to case manager. Our administrator is an RNMSN and my direct boss has a background in hc administration. I have looked for other jobs but so far no luck (may be too soon to count my chickens) so I thought about doing this until I find something else or to see if I like it. I was a department manager at Meijer for 1 year before I went to nursing school so I'm not new to management, but I have some reservations about me being a new nurse. From what I know of the position I would assist my boss with new client admissions and Medicaid/insurance, home visits to supervise caregivers, marketing, reviewing caregiver documentation, and keeping track of client info like code status. Any thoughts since I'm a new nurse but have management experience?

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Personally, I wouldn't accept that role with only a year of nursing experience. I also have management experience...almost 20 years in fact, but nursing is still new. You have a lot to learn. Ideally, for that kind of role, you should aim for 3-5 years of nursing experience. People will be expecting you to be able to draw from your nursing expertise, which you are just developing.

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My bad...I re-read your post again. Definitely you should not accept. I was thinking you had a year of nursing experience. To put things in perspective, I'm a charge nurse with 2 years experience, and I still wouldn't accept that role.

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I agree with joanna73... Your priority should be focusing on the learning curve you need to deal with regarding being a new nurse. Your "chickens" are actually eggs that have just been laid :) I would highly recommend finding a position where you can practice and expand your skills... The basics of nursing that you have learned in your schooling environment will soon fade away if you don't practice, practice, practice! I initially thought of mental health nursing when I first graduated (as an RN) 5 years ago, and am sooo thankful that I took a position in the neuro-ortho unit of my hospital. I too have a background in management and the legal field, but nursing is a world of it's own. Hone your skills, perhaps consider advancing your degree to RN, and be patient. The right path tends to present itself when the time is right.

I am a fresh graduate after 4 year degree in school. Now already an RN, but instead of getting a floor nursing job, I am currently involved in a nursing home project. My boss is the manager of the hospital with MBA and going to start a new nursing home in another city. My role is to assist her now. Although it's a few months project, I become worried sometimes because I feel that this job needs very little application of nursing knowledge and definitely no clinical nursing skills involved. The problem is I am awaiting for replies to my job applications from other hospitals outside my country. I am just thinking, if all does not go well, I will carry on with this project...

Thank you so much for your comments. I think it was very easy to build this grand idea of this job in my head and on paper I can do it... on paper though lol. I did feel very apprehensive about the offer because I wouldn't use many of my skills I just learned. I will keep applying and being patient; and maybe ask for a raise instead of a promotion. I guess sometimes it IS easier to see the right decision when someone else points it out to you. Thanks everyone.

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