Need help on deciding about MSN focus

  1. I am RN who recently got a BSN and I feel I am still limited in job options and I think it may help to get a MSN. I am passionate about fitness, exercise (especially yoga) and nutrition. I can not figure out to incorpate this into my nursing carreer. I currently work in the OR and I really do not like it, but I feel as though empoyers see me as too specialized and that I am just an OR nurse. I want out of the OR, maybe I am wrong but I feel if I get a MSN especially if it was a NP I could break away from the OR. I guess my question is, If I get a NP degree how can I become a health educator in the community or in occupational health?
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  3. by   jahra
    What about an MPH in Health Education? It may be closer to
    your ultimate goal unless you want the NP job function as well
    as the health teaching aspect. Here is an example of the MPH in Health Ed.

    Online - LLU SPH Online Programs: Health Education

    You may want to look at all the options if Occupational health or health
    education is your goal. A program like this is online, so you could
    work while reaching your education goal.

    Just an idea for thought!
  4. by   drolmareiki
    Why don't you just do what you love??? Do you really need to spend more money on another degree? Only you can decide that.
    In 3 months, you could have a group exercise certification, yoga teacher certification, and can get started on zumba certification and do this on the side. Check out some fitness sites like AFAA, ACE, ACSM. We have so many identities, not one job or employer is going to be satisfying. Do what you love. It takes courage, and there are not many models out there that have figured out how to do it all. The key is to have a good heart and happy life. Why wait? Volunteer to teach a fitness class at work, or near your home.

    Cardiac Rehab departments at many hospitals are also having some consciousness raising, where they are having stress reduction training and the nurses are also leading tai chi, yoga, breathing, and meditation after the workouts. There you can be in a medical gym environment, and have more of what you are looking for perhaps. Additionally the nurses I've met (MGH Women's Cardiac Center) are counseling more directly with the patients on lifestyle factors. So maybe you want to run around and check out a variety of environments.