Anyone practice Guided Imagery? - page 2

Are there any nurses out there that are using guided imagery or interactive guided imagery with patients? I'm certified in Interactive Guided Imagery(sm) through the Holistic Nurses Association. If... Read More

  1. by   healingtouchRN
    use Guided Imagery pre & post op. Working in a PACU, the clients often are anxious about their surgery. It helps to take them to a happy place in their minds eye, without the side effects of hypnotics, sedatives, etc. Works well in conjuction to meds as well. This is a technique easily taught to client/family & can be done to allow the client control over their own situation. I also use it with the Relaxation Response (Dr. Herbert Benson-Harvard Univ.). This is all part of the Holsitic Approach to care.
  2. by   zuzi
    guided imagery could be in the same time very dangerous if it is used by unqualiefied instructors or if you did not have a preassessment and a full psychiatric assessment of patient.
    at soon as the client will learn the technique and fund it helpful, he will used it in life from day to day in a series of different situations supposed or not to be for guided imagery.
    like nurse you could be very carefully with whom, and in what conditions you will teach him/her to use gi.