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a holistic long term care for patients with EATING DISORDERS


Patients with eating disorders as anorexia nervosa and bulemia need utmost understanding and support. It is essential that nurses give consistent therapeutic communication that will allow these patients to verbalize and express their inner feelings and thoughts towards themselves and life per se.

Being a bulemic person myself, it is not easy to recover or should I say, go back to the norm eating behavior. Often when emotional instability or pressure and anxiety sets in, the episodes are in.It is a cycle! I guess what I need and what patients suffering like me need is a new outlook in life.

As a nursing student myself, I know that I have learned so much-- theoretically speaking. I may have mastered pharmacology and psychiatry and even enable good care for an anorexic patient but then,within me is my own battle.

A new perspective in life and self is what i need to initiate. Nurses need to initiate this to their patients with eating disorders. COming to learn about the problem area for the behavior is just a little of what may concern the patient after a few days. Past problems may be resolved but then as long as the individual gets to experience other struggles, it could be as easy as being withdrawn back to the cycle of disorder. Outpatients need constant support and supervision on how they are managing their own stressors..

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